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Eugene and Mary Yelchin Join Us To Talk About Their Cheeky and Interactive Resource on All Things Ghost Related for Children Called Ghost Files. We Catch Falling Stars With Victoria Kelley. Kevin Knight From Truth In Paranormal Science Joins Us.

Posted by ghostlytalk on Sunday, 11 of January , 2009 at 9:15 pm

Productive show tonight.  We started the night off with Eugene and Mary Yelchin to talk about their cheeky and interactive resource on all things ghost related for children called Ghost Files – The Haunting Truth.  We then got into a very interesting discussion with Victoria Kelley.  Take that message with you.  Finally, we talk to Paul Sherman and Kevin Knight from Truth In Paranormal Science. It got very intense for a while, as it should.

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Ghostly Talk is the worlds premier weekly independent talk show about the paranormal. The focus is the scientific and logical study of paranormal activities. Ghostly Talk uses common sense with uncommon topics.